for Acrylic Painting


for Acrylic Painting

Online Course by Olga Soby

  • Stop wasting resin and ruining your paintings

  • Discover the best tools, brands, and application methods for flawless results

  • Turn your Paintings into STUNNING CENTERPIECES for any Home

You probably have seen other artists on YouTube and Instagram use Epoxy Resin to finish their fluid art and acrylic paintings and loved that chic shiny glass-like look. You might even have tried it out… only to find out it’s much more complex than you thought. Air bubbles, dust, yellowing, fish eye, uncured resin, waves, uneven coverage... just to name a few challenges that might come alongside the resin application process. And as a result - ruined paintings, wasted time, wasted resin, tons of frustration, and confusion - what am I doing wrong? I know the feeling, I've been there! 

I have made all the possible resin mistakes, ruined so many paintings, tested numerous different resin brands, encountered all the possible problems, and as a result, discovered the solutions. Over the past 8 years, I have been continuously improving and developing my resin finish routine. And this online course is a long-awaited and highly demanded essence of my resin knowledge and skills. And I'm excited to share it with you! 

This step-by-step course will help you master your painting finish skills so you can finally Resin like a PRO! And after finishing all the lessons, you'll be surprised how much you didn't know about resin finish application (even if you have been doing it for years!).

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But why is Epoxy Resin so popular as a clear coat for Acrylic Paintings and Fluid Art?

Because with resin, you can:

  • Create a beautiful chic glass-smooth finish that no other product can offer
  • Enhance the vibrancy of your artwork and make your colors POP 
  • Add depth to your painting
  • Protect your artwork
  • Hide cracks and other minor textural imperfections in your painting

Epoxy resin is my #1 choice when it comes to finishing my paintings. I love the fabulous glossy look and the expensive feel my paintings get when I cover them with resin!

Never used resin before? Take a look here to see how this finish looks on the painting: 

When you can add the unique skill of Epoxy Resin Finish to your arsenal of artistic talents, it’ll give you a lifetime of benefits that’ll add more depth, vibrancy, and sealed protection to all your paintings – while also increasing their value and appeal to art lovers and buyers!

Ready to see the MAGIC of Epoxy Resin Finish in action for yourself?

The course that’s about to be revealed to you below is jam-packed with all of my personal “go-to” Epoxy Resin tips, tricks, and most coveted secrets that I’ve used myself on my own paintings.

meet Your Course Instructor:

Olga Soby
Olga Soby is an internationally recognized abstract artist from Canada. Her work is displayed in private collections in over 17 different countries around the world. She has over 8 years of experience and has taught thousands of students how to properly use Epoxy Resin. It is Olga’s go-to finish that helps her attract more buyers and creates her famous flawless results that she is known for.

Want to see Olga's work?

What will you learn in this Step-by-step Online Course?

Everything will be covered in this user-friendly course – from the A-to-Z process of Epoxy Resin, personal tips and advice, must-have tools + accessories, precise measurements, and so much more. No stone is left unturned!

The #1 goal of this step-by-step video instructional course is to save you time and money, and give consistent RESULTS when it comes to applying Epoxy Clear Coat to your own paintings.

What My Students Say:

enroll now to Get This Exciting Bonus!

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Bonus Section:

Give your painting that “STARRY Effect”
Discover an easy and effective way to use pigments with your resin to enhance your painting and achieve that extra radiance and shimmer. I'll show you which pigments work best! 
Check out the video below to see this beautiful effect:

bonus "Starry effect"

enroll now to Get This Exciting Bonus!

Available for Limited Time

bonus "Starry effect"

Bonus Section:

Give your painting that “STARRY Effect”
Discover an easy and effective way to use pigments with your resin to enhance your painting and achieve that extra radiance and shimmer. I'll show you which pigments work best! 
Check out the video below to see this beautiful effect:

ready to become an epoxy clear coat master?

online course by olga soby

Epoxy Resin Clear Coat

for Acrylic Painting

100% Money Back Guarantee

You’ll get instant access to all lectures, instructional videos, and downloadable materials (21 video lessons in total).

  • Great for beginners, hobbyists and professional artists

  • 24/7 access to all course materials 

  • Free Updates 

  • Skip the learning curve and go straight to flawless-looking paintings 

  • Discover the BEST Brands, Supplies, and Workspace Setup hacks

  • Learn how to create a dust-free & bubble-free finish

frequently asked questions

Is this Course different from free tutorials on YouTube?

Yes! Very different. Because to be successful with resin, you need to know not only the basics of mixing and application, but how to use it SAFELY and what PPE to use, how to set up your light and table, how to protect your painting from dust, how to properly measure and mix to ensure proper curing and no air bubbles, how to prepare painting before resin application, how to apply resin correctly, how to clean resin mixing supplies, how to remove the tape, and so much more.

I have dedicated individual lessons to each of these topics so that you can finally get consistent results when clear coating your painting. The trick to the greatest success is in understanding the smallest of nuances.

Is this Course good for beginners?

Yes! This course will be beneficial for both - artists and crafters that have been working with resin clear coating and for absolute beginners.

I'll guide you through the entire preparation, show you what tools you need, and how to get started. With this course, you get a chance to take a shortcut and learn from my mistakes so that you don't need to make your own and waste a lot of time, money, and paintings.

Perfect For Newbies, Hobbyists, or Experienced Artists.

When is the Start Date of the course? 

The course starts the moment you are ready! "Epoxy Resin Clear Coat for Acrylic Painting" is an online course, so you will get full access to all the materials as soon as you enroll. You will be able to work through all the video lessons and text materials at your own pace and can return to any previous modules and lessons whenever you need them. 

Will I be able to ask questions as I work through course materials?

Yes, absolutely! We have a comment section under each lesson of the course where you can ask any questions about your resin application process. 

What is your Refund Policy?

If for whatever reason you are not happy with this course. you can get 100% money back within 14 days of the purchase. Just contact me at contact@olgasoby.com and I will issue you a full refund.

Still wondering?

Ask us everything you want to know about this course and we’ll send you an answer to your email.

Master resin clear coating techniques that have been used successfully by new artists and some of the most experienced artists in the industry!