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Poured Acrylic Painting is so much fun, and it's even more exciting when you know different Acrylic Pouring Techniques and how to do them right!😊 The number of different Acrylic Pouring and Fluid Art Techniques is truly endless because not only you can change and combine techniques together, but also modify each and every step of the process and completely transform the outcome!

And that is the beauty of Fluid Art - every single piece is unique!

In case you are new to my website, my name is Olga Soby. I'm a fluid artist, and on this website and my YouTube channel, I provide aspiring artists with tools and knowledge they can use to master acrylic pouring and make beautiful art. And I'm thrilled that you are here!  

Firstly, check out this compilation of 10 fun and beautiful techniques that will get your creative mind spinning in inspiration:

10 Must-Try Technique

More Poured Acrylic Painting Ideas​

Let's keep it rolling and flowing! Here is a list of my BEST acrylic pouring tutorial compilations for more ideas, techniques, color combos, and designs - from floral blooms and ocean art to Space and Galaxy inspired creations:

Now that you have a very good idea about variety and types of acrylic pouring techniques, I would like to feature some of my TOP favorites that I use the most for my creations.

I have broken down pouring videos by techniques for your convenience. And If you would like to stay up-to-date for the latest and greatest acrylic pouring videos and uploads, check out my YouTube Channel:

Blow Out Technique

Blow out or blowing technique is also know as a Dutch Pour in our fluid art community. First, you add paint to the canvas, and then blow it out with a blow-dryer or simply by blowing with your mouth. This pouring technique is perfect if you love working with negative space and wispy design.

Breaking Through The Limits Series

3D Effect! We all facing challenges and limiting believes in our day-to-day creative process. And I’m not an exception. That’s why I decided to create “Breaking Through The Limits” series using the extravagant tool. Give it a try and share your story💗 The series is a way to expand your blowing technique and make it even more fun!

Traveling Open Cup Pour​

For the traveling open cup technique, you layer colors inside of the open cup. And once it's full, slowly release the colors and travel the open cup to create beautiful cells and flowing design. I love to combine this technique with a color split base. 

Centered Open Cup ​

A centered open cup pour is very similar to a traveling open cup, but instead of moving the cup across the canvas, lift it multiple times in one spot to create a more symmetrical design. Perfect for cells! 

Dancing Flow Series

Dancing Flow is my new signature series. It's a transformation of a Dutch pour (blow out) technique as I used a similar mixture and consistency, but I blow out colors and then enhance composition my finger swipe and other design elements. 

3D Embellishments

Embellish your pieces with geometric forms, texture, and other creative forms to create beautiful 3D effect in your design.

Multicolor Base in Poured Acrylic Painting

Another way I expand and enhance Dutch Pour technique is by utilizing multicolor base! I love creating beautiful flows on base that consysts of multiple colors - easy way to add depth and movement to your paintings.

Fluid Art Embellished with Stencil Mandala Art

Another amazing way to embellish and enhance you poured acrylic painting is by using stencils. Mandalas, flowers, leaves, birds, abstract shapes - so many ideas to create a unique design!

Painting Nature with Fluid Acrylics

Poured acrylic painting techniques are mostly used for abstract paintings. But versatility of this art style goes far beyond that! Check out some of my idea to create a beautiful autumn tree, flowers, butterflies, citruses, and even Flamingo! 

Dancing Universe Series

Deep, mystical, and moving, the Dancing Universe series is inspired by the endless beauty of the Cosmos. In this series, I explore a NEW Technique for creating planets and other beautiful galaxy art forms.

Chain Pull Technique

Place the chain over the fluid paint and pull it slowly to create beautiful lines and designs. Chain pulling is perfect when you have a specific idea in mind and want to have a bit more control over the composition. I especially like to use this technique for fluid art butterflies. 

Traveling Funnel Technique

Funnel is another amazing tool that can help you create a beautiful acrylic pour painting with unique patterns and cells. It's similar to the open cup technique, but allows you to achieve a more whispy and playful design.

Ripple Effect Acrylic Pouring with Funnel

This technique will allow you to achieve a GORGEOUS 3d effect of ripples on the water. Add a few drops of silicone to some colors if you want to create a burst of cells. Who knew that an ordinary funnel can get so creative? 

Feather Pour Painting

There are many ways to create gorgeous feathers with fluid acrylics. My favorite - Paint Kiss Feather! Paint Kiss is a technique where you connect streams from two cups in one. And if you travel it across the canvas, you can master a gorgeous feather painting.

Swipe Technique

Swipe is quite a versatile technique that is used specifically for achieving cells in your painting. Can be done with or without silicone oil.

"Chameleon Cells" Poured Acrylic Painting

Level up your swipe technique by "positioning" cells in an organized manner. I especially love using chameleon cells technique to create colorful mosaics effect on my painting. 

Paint Kiss and Ring Pours

Create beautiful rings and Space-looking forms with a ring pour technique. Or challenge yourself with my author technique - Paint Kiss! Similar to ring pour, but done with two cups that contain different colors. Connect streams of fluid paint from both cups in a kiss to create a lot of contrast in your color palette. 

Colander Poured Acrylic Painting

Use a regular kitchen colander to create unique design in your painting. I find that this technique works best when combined with spinning. 

Pro Tip

So many beautiful and fun techniques - easy to get lost! Therefore I would recommend you to master one technique at a time. Try different recipes and consistency, color combos, and composition, and find what works best for you with each technique.

And please remember. there is no one "right way" of doing things in fluid art. So focus on discovering your creative preferences and keep developing your own unique style. 

I hope these acrylic pouring tutorials were helpful! Keep experimenting, keep exploring your unique creativeness, and enjoy every step of this journey. 

Colorfully yours,

Poured Acrylic Painting Video Tutorials by Olga Soby
Olga Soby