ARDOR Gradient 

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Acrylic Pouring Tutorial by Olga Soby​

Burst of RED Colors 😍 Criss-Cross Pour ~ Fluid Art

Welcome to the ARDOR Gradient Acrylic Abstract Painting! I continue the exploration of the gradient effect in acrylic pouring. Lately, I’ve been having so much fun with it. It’s absolutely gorgeous. This time I want to go for the color split base, and again give a try to warm bright and rich reds. I want to go for this gradient all the way from burgundy color with the violet undertone all the way to orange. Let’s see how it turns out. All of my colors are mixed with water only. 

First, I will add a secret message. “Ardor” is a secret message for this pour painting, and maybe it’s going to be the name as well. I really want this fluid painting to be ardore red, full of passion and excitement.

ARDOR Gradient Acrylic Abstract Painting with Olga Soby

Acrylic Pouring RECIPE used for today’s flow art painting:​

Acrylic paint is mixed with water only to a fluid consistency. I add approximately 30-50% of water to my colors. There is no exact % or proportion because this ratio depends on initial paint viscosity, which significantly varies from brand to brand and even from color to color.

Acrylic Colors and Supplies used in this ARDOR Gradient 

Acrylic Abstract Painting:

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 I want to go for black and white for my color split base. But instead of using just black I actually added a little bit of red colors into this black. And when this abstract artwork going to be dry – it’s actually going to look black. But I think because I have a little bit of red in it, in those areas where this color is going to mix with white, the white will help to open up those red tones in it. And I think it’s going to look beautiful. And I want to go for a diagonal composition again. Let’s get right into the acrylic pouring process.

Honestly, I can’t tell you enough how much this pour painting just really captivates me. And it’s so funny because every time I do this gradient pour I look at it and I think: “Oh, my god this is my favorite”, and then I do the next one, and the next one is my favorite. I don’t know I’ve just been having incredibly lots of joy with this new gradient series. So for this fluid painting, I think it’s a perfect combination of very delicate details, very sensual rich colors, and bright powerful contrast, especially in the base. So, yeah, “Ardor” makes a perfect name. Having lighter colors at the top and dark at the bottom I think it really emphasizes this upward movement, especially with some of the splashes going this way, and of course, the finger swipe. It really helps the composition go upwards with the source down here and it’s moving up.

I hope you enjoyed the process and looking forward to hearing from you! Happy creating!

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