Acrylic Pouring In 3D💃

Acrylic Pouring Tutorial by Olga Soby​

Passion and Fiery 🔥 ~ NEW Composition in Fluid Art

FLAMENCO FLOW Acrylic Pouring – NEW Composition in Fluid Painting with 3D Effect! This time I want to create a New composition in the “Breaking through the limits” series with 3d effect. I want to create a flame that goes through the golden ring. For the 3D Effect, I’m using my huge cookie cutter again, and I’m gonna add a few round elements just outside of my flow. 

It looks like an echo, coming from some sources. I like this effect. It brings out diversity. All these different effects bring out the diversity in your fluid paintings, and that’s what I like about them a lot.

FLAMENCO FLOW Acrylic Pouring Abstract Art with Olga Soby

Acrylic Pouring RECIPE used for today’s flow art painting:​

Acrylic paint is mixed with water only to a fluid consistency. I add approximately 30-50% of water to my colors. There is no exact % or proportion because this ratio depends on initial paint viscosity, which significantly varies from brand to brand and even from color to color.

Acrylic Colors and Supplies used in this FLAMENCO FLOW 

Acrylic Pouring:

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I have added some white lines and details just throughout the flow when the painting was dry. I really wanted to add some highlights to the flow, and I think it looks a lot more dimensional now.

I planned this painting as a flame flow, and when I look at it now, I see a flamenco dance. It really has this energy, very expressive, passionate, flaming, yet very romantic and beautiful. I see the layers of the dancer’s skirt, and rings are just like a rhythm of wooden castanets captured at the moment. I also added some bright red pigments to the layer of epoxy, and you can see them when the painting is exposed to light. They really spark up and really add that special zen to this painting. So I think all this together creates a very dynamic and really moving composition.

I love this “Breaking through the limits” series with 3d effect so much! It’s a lot of fun. There is yet so much to explore, and I’m inviting you to join me.

When you work with the blowing or dutch pour technique, it requires a very fluid consistency and allows creating the most beautiful lacing, cells, and color transition with the most simple pouring recipe.

I hope you enjoyed the process and looking forward to hearing from you! Happy creating!

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