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Acrylic Pouring Abstract Art 🤩

Acrylic Pouring Tutorial by Olga Soby​

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Welcome to the new Save ~ The Paint Acrylic Pouring Abstract Art tutorial. How many times have you been working on your beautiful fluid art creation and things did not go smoothly? You have been changing, and maybe fixing something, and maybe scraping some paint off, and you end up having a lot of paint runoffs on your table. 

This is exactly what happened to me with my most recent fluid acrylic painting, I ended up having a lot of paint on my table. And what to do with this acrylic paint? How to preserve it or how to reduce all that waste? So basically, there are two things you can do. You can scoop up that paint and create a small abstract painting.

Save The Paint ~ Acrylic Pouring Abstract Art by Olga Soby

Acrylic Pouring RECIPE used for today’s flow art painting:​

Acrylic paint is mixed with water only to a fluid consistency. I add approximately 30-50% of water to my colors. There is no exact % or proportion because this ratio depends on initial paint viscosity, which significantly varies from brand to brand and even from color to color.

Acrylic Colors and Supplies used in this Save The Paint 

Acrylic Pouring:

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And this is why I always have small panels or canvases ready handy on the side, in case I have some paint leftovers. Or again you can scoop up that paint from the table, and you can preserve it in a container, one that has an airtight lid. And this is the best strategy if you know that the colors that you have on the table will not create mud once they overmix in a cup. Both options work great. Personally, I prefer to create mini acrylic pour paintings, and this is exactly what I want to demonstrate to you in this fluid art video tutorial. 

So let's see how this abstract painting art idea turns out and without further ado let's get started.

Here this abstract pour painting is all done and finished. So after the touch up, I love it definitely a lot more. Because with these lines and more contrast added around the center, where the focal point is, it just has so much more contrast and definition, and more depth with these lines going this way. 

If you are new to touching up acrylic paintings or maybe changing some parts, enhancing them, modifying the composition with the brushwork, and just with additions on top of the dry acrylic pour painting, I highly recommend you to practice on such small pieces first. 

I hope you enjoyed this acrylic painting tutorial and looking forward to hearing from you! Happy creating!

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