Tides of Transformation - 20"x24" - Abstract Art by Olga Soby
Tides of Transformation - 20"x24" - Abstract Art by Olga Soby
Tides of Transformation - 20"x24" - Abstract Art by Olga Soby
Tides of Transformation - 20"x24" - Abstract Art by Olga Soby
Tides of Transformation - 20"x24" - Abstract Art by Olga Soby
Tides of Transformation - 20"x24" - Abstract Art by Olga Soby
Tides of Transformation - 20"x24" - Abstract Art by Olga Soby

Tides of Transformation - 20"x24" - Abstract Art by Olga Soby

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Embark on a journey of renewal and discovery with "Tides of Transformation," a captivating original artwork by Olga Soby. This piece masterfully captures the ceaseless motion of the sea, its ebb and flow mirroring the constant shifts in our own lives. Through the interplay of color and movement, Olga invites us to embrace the sea's lessons of resilience and adaptability.

Dimensions & Details:

  • 20"x24" inches, Mixed Media on birch cradled wood panel
  • Ready to display without a frame
  • Signed by Olga Soby, affirming its authenticity
  • Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity

Artistic Inspiration: Drawing inspiration from the ocean's infinite cycles, "Tides of Transformation" reflects the profound impact of change on the soul's landscape. Olga employs her signature fluid art and texture techniques to evoke the rhythmic dance of the waves, their rise and fall a metaphor for life's inevitable challenges and triumphs. The palette of deep blues and vibrant turquoises, punctuated with white and golden crests, invites viewers into a meditative exploration of their own journey through change.

Behind the Scenes: Witness the creation of "Tides of Transformation" in this insightful video, showcasing Olga's artistic process. Each stroke and pour is infused with intention, symbolizing the fluid nature of our existence. Embedded within the artwork is the secret message "Freedom," a reminder that true liberation comes from riding the waves of transformation with courage and grace.

Why This Piece Is Special: "Tides of Transformation" is not merely an artwork; it is a beacon for those navigating the seas of change. It serves as a visual mantra, encouraging us to flow with life's tides rather than resist them. This painting is a testament to the beauty of transformation and the new beginnings that follow the acceptance of change.

Perfect For:

  • Individuals undergoing or seeking change in their lives
  • Admirers of the ocean and its symbolic meanings
  • Collectors looking for a piece that inspires reflection and growth

Display Suggestions: Let "Tides of Transformation" be a focal point in spaces that invite contemplation and calm, such as a living room, study, or meditation area. Its presence is a daily reminder of the strength found in change and the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Dive into the depths of "Tides of Transformation" and allow it to guide you through the currents of life, reminding you that every wave we ride is a step toward our becoming.

Medium: acrylic paint on high-quality canvas or cradled wood panel substrate

Finish: As a final touch, this artwork is covered with a thin layer of glossy UV varnish. The back of the canvas is wired and ready-to-hang.

The original painting will be shipped to you within 3 business days. You will receive shipping confirmation and tracking info once the painting has being shipped.

I only use environmentally friendly packaging materials. Each painting is packed extra securely and precisely to arrive safe and sound in its new home, even if it’s across the ocean.

I would be happy to create something extra special for you! Please go to this page where you’ll fill out the questionnaire to get started with the process.

All the origianl artworks are final sale. However, if you have any problems with the order, please contact me at shop@olgasoby.com within 2 business days of receiving the package.

All of my artworks are created with premium quality art materials and precise attention to detail. 

I am thrilled to be sharing my creative passion with the world and helping others discover their creative talents and bring them to the next level.

And here you can discover my painting process creation:

Painting With Elements

Unconvetional Art

I draw inspiration from Nature and its everchanging beauty, unity, diversity, and balance. And fluid art techniques allow me to capture these qualities and transfer them to the canvas.

Therefore instead of conventional brushes, I utilize all four Nature Elements for creating my paintings - the fluidity of water, the flow of the air, the energy of fire, and the gravity of earth.



I've purchased two paintings from Olga. They are absolutely beautiful.  I could not be happier.  They came so carefully wrapped and delivered very quickly with tracking.  Being able to watch the process of how your painting is created is such a special thing; and not something you usually get with fine artwork.

Wendi Pencille

I have had the privilege of being acquainted with Olga's work for the past few years, now being the proud owner of my personal favorite original piece of hers! I credit Olga to introducing me to this beautiful and endlessly creative form of art, it undoubtedly can bring you much joy in life!

Kenric Grunwald

Olga Soby, I cannot compliment this superb creative artist enough. When I discovered Olga, it was captivating to watch a bubbly personality giving life to such beautiful work. Olga is very contactable, shipping & packaging are superb as well. I would highly recommend Olga & her business, each work of art is a superb conversation piece which is all very special. 🧡

Mark Smith

Olga’s art is breathtaking. My wife and I have been fans of Olga's on YouTube over the last few years. We quickly knew we wanted a painting of hers. The cost was very reasonable, shipping was fast, and we were impressed on how well the paintings were packaged. We hung this right next to our dining table so we can stare at it every day.

Alexander Duffey

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